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Get a calendar page in the mail every month for a year! Tired of calendars that celebrate all those boring, basic holidays? We’re looking at you Valentine's Day. Get the 2022 Obscure Holiday Calendar Club and never be bored again.

How it works

When you buy a one year subscription to the jmart Obscure Holidays Calendar Club we will mail you a new single calendar page every month for a year. Our first mailing (the January 2022 page) will go out December 10, 2021. 

Why The Obscure Holidays Calendar Club is better than other calendars:


Tiny! Small Size! Won't take up your entire wall. Each page measures 9 x 4 

Unique! No other calendar in the world celebrates Houseplant Appreciation Day, Bubble Gum Day or Frozen Food Day like we do (Guaranteed)!
Business in the front party in the back! Actually 2 items in one! Reusable! Chop off the bottom half of the card at the end of the month and send the top half as a postcard to your favorite friend or enemy! Each page is printed on both sides. Calendar on one side, and postcard on the back.
It’s cute. There, we said it. Printed with soy ink on recycled stock in the USA.
Curb loneliness! Get something in the mail every month that isn’t an ad!
Feel Surprised! 

Put it anywhere. Pin it to a bulletin board, attach it to your fridge, tape it to your forehead and never forget what day it is even again.
Educational! Each month includes a list of obscure holidays of every day of the month! 
Free shipping!

Want to send it as a gift? 

Please enter the recipient’s address in the notes at checkout. We will not sell or share your address with anyone. 

2022 Obscure Holidays Calendar Club

SKU: 00016
  • 9 x 4 inches 
    Printed in USA
    Calendar page ont the front
    POstcard on the back

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